Get insights on your assets

Handle all your assets securely in a fast state-of-the art system that provides insights and reporting capabilities to your financial life.

Planned publication is Q3/2024

Welcome to AssetInsights

AssetInsights is a powerful platform that helps you manage and analyze your entire financial portfolio in one place, providing you automation and insights.

What are the benefits of using AssetInsights?

  • You will have a clear picture of all your financials, no matter where they are
  • You can forget playing around with Excel which can be very time consuming and error prone
  • Finally a tool which supports integration to Nordic banks and brokers
  • You will only need to login to AssetInsights instead of multiple websites
  • Asset prices will update automatically (to assets where the feature is available)

  • Highlights

    • Support for vast array of asset types: Stocks, ETFs, cryptos, funds, bank Accounts, cash, loans, insurance, real estate (also forest estates), commodities, companies, income, budgets, inventory management and collectibles. Note: some asset types may be supported at a later phase.
    • Experience seamless financial management with all-in-one integration, connecting Nordnet, banks, crypto exchanges, financial news, real estate exhanges, estate information services and taxation authority for a truly unified and effortless solution.
    • Security is our top priority and for example MFA is enabled by default.
    • Multiple different views to analyze your financial situation.
    • An intuitive and lightning-fast user interface, language selection (Finnish/English), light/dark mode, and ease of use ensure a great user experience from day one.


    We understand that security is a top priority when it comes to managing your financial information. Read more about our security features below.

    Security Features

    • All your sensitive data, including profile and all assets are encrypted using a derived key from your password before sending any data to the cloud.
    • This client-side encryption ensures that nobody else, even AssetInsights personnel are unable to read your data.
    • Two-factor authentication, multi-layer encryption, and security audits make AssetInsight a secure place to manage your financial information.


    AssetInsights is aiming to release the the first version of the service by Q3/2024


    • Asset types: Stocks, ETFs, cryptos, bank accounts, loans
    • User data encryption before data is sent to the cloud
    • Manual adding of trades.
    • Trades import for different asset types using Excel templates.
    • Automation to bring Bank Account balances using Open Banking API integration.
    • Nordnet integration.
    • Automatic Stock, ETF and Crypto price updates once a day.
    • Feature requests and support tool for users.


    We want to listen our users and provide features that are most important to them. Below is a list of features that are planned to be implemented in the future.

    Future features

    • Asset types and tools considering user feature requests.
    • Integration with the Finnish Tax Authority
    • Portfolio or Account can be shared with other people and sharing can be controlled precisely (account, portfolio, asset level).
    • Support for PassKey login.
    • Language: Swedish
    • Support multi-level organizations and role-based access model.
    • Support for post-quantum cryptography.
    • AI/ML technology to provide insights based on geopolitical situation, market conditions, news and more.